Camiguin From Above.

Sightseeing & Acro-Adventure Flights. The Ultimate Philippines High.

Visitors & Adventurers

Up for a magical tour of our island paradise?

Experience breathtaking scenic views and the ultimate Philippines adventure.



Join us at the Special Skills Camp.

50 or 10,000 hours of flight time, this experience might prove invaluable throughout your flying career.


  • Advanced-level flight maneuvers flown with beautiful precision!

    - Mike Schemm, Philippines Aerobatic Pilot

    on Sean Clarke's performances at the 20th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016

  • Sean has mentored me in Canada for many years... uniquely skillful,

    insanely safe and just the right amount of Rock'n Roll.

    - Chris Wright, Canadian Sports Pilot


Join us at the Advanced Flight Maneuvers Camp.

Smooth seas do not make skillful pilots.

When it comes to controlling an airplane, all pilots have similar unanswered questions. What happens if you keep banking past 60° or, forbid, past 180°? What happens if you make a really steep, cross-controlled turn? Come on, a loop-the-loop ... you have thought about it.

Visit Camiguin Aviation’s camp and discover answers to questions that, otherwise, you might carry your entire flying career.

What you experience here is not part of a regular CAAP training curriculum. It’s an undeniably important enrichment of your present flying skills. You will become a better pilot while at the same time having an unforgettable experience on the tropical island paradise of Camiguin.

For Pilots

Fly at our camp... an experience you won't forget.



American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB.

Model Year2008

Registration, PhilippinesRP-C983

Power PlantLycoming AEIO-360-H1B

Horse Power180

Propeller, Constant SpeedMTV-15-B-C

Max. Gross Weight (Normal)1950 lbs.

Max. Gross Weight (Aerobatic)1800 lbs.

Empty Weight1305 lbs.

Fuel Capacity40 gal.

Aerobatic Loading Limits+6/-5 G's

Takeoff Distance580 ft.

Landing Distance1126 ft.

Cruise Speed140 mph

Vy (Best Rate)82 mph

Vne (Never Exceed)200 mph

Vs (Stall)57 mph

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Who We Are.

Get to know our people, customers and facilities.

We like flying by the seat of our pants.

By the stick, upside down, G-loaded, tail-wheeled, negative,

all the while being awestruck by a Philippine landscape

that can only be appreciated from above.

Camiguin Aviation is a CAAP certified and SEC registered flying organization that specializes in sightseeing and Acro-Adventure flights. We are not a training organization but do provide special skills exposure to aspiring or well-seasoned aviators.

Our new facilities and equipment are located on Camiguin island. Oceanway approaches with virtually no traffic in uncontrolled airspace ensure an extraordinary flying experience.

Meet the people.

From pilots to customers, meet the people that have helped shape Camiguin Aviation.

Modern facilities on a remote island.

New equipment and facilities help in providing a safe flying experience. Clean accomodations and classroom in a unique setting ensure a restful and unforgettable stay.


You made it to Camiguin. Now don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Sandbar Islands Tour .................... P8,000

Enchanting jaunts to Mantigue and White Island. View the vibrant colors of surrounding coral waters from above.

The Aerobatic Fusion ....................... P14,000

Enjoy all the tranquil scenery Camiguin has to offer but fuse that with some gentle aerobatic flight.

Hourly rate ................................... P14,500

Professional Film Production ................. P1,000

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